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The Select Presidential Reports tracking page is no longer available. However, please sign up through FEC Notify to be notified by email once newly filed candidate and committee reports have been submitted to the agency: https://fecnotify.fec.gov/fecnotify/login/.

Need Assistance?

Members of media: If you are a member of the media and have questions about FEC Notify, please contact the agency’s Press Office at (800) 424-9530, option 1, or (202) 694-1220, or press@fec.gov.

Members of the public: If you are not a member of the media and have questions, please contact the agency’s Public Records Office at (800) 424-9530, option 2, or (202) 694-1120, or pubrec@fec.gov.

Technical support: If you need technical assistance, please contact the Commission’s Electronic Filing Office at (800) 424-9530, ext. 1307, or (202) 694-1307, or efiletechsupport@fec.gov.