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FEC Form 1 for Hillary Victory FundForm 1 for Hillary Victory Fund



FILING FEC-1031608

1. Hillary Victory Fund

    PO Box 5256
    New York, NY 101855256
    Email: hvffec@hillaryclinton.com

2. Date: 11/02/2015

3. FEC Committee ID #: C00586537

This committee collects contributions, pays fundraising expenses and disburses net proceeds for two or more political
committees/organizations, at least one of which is an authorized committee of a federal candidate.

Committees Participating in Joint Fundraiser

1. Hillary for America      FEC ID number C00575795
2. DNC Services Corporation/Democratic National Committee      FEC ID number C00010603
3. Alaska Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00191247
4. Democratic Party of Arkansas      FEC ID number C00024372
5. Colorado Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00161786
6. Democratic Executive Committee of Florida      FEC ID number C00005561
7. Georgia Federal Elections Committee      FEC ID number C00041269
8. Idaho State Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00010439
9. Indiana Democratic Congressional Victory Committee      FEC ID number C00108613
10. Kentucky State Democratic Central Executive Committee      FEC ID number C00011197
11. Democratic State Central Committee of LA      FEC ID number C00071365
12. Maine Democratic State Committee      FEC ID number C00179408
13. Massachusetts Democratic State Committee - Fed Fund      FEC ID number C00089243
14. Michigan Democratic State Central Committee      FEC ID number C00031054
15. Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party      FEC ID number C00025254
16. Mississippi Democratic Party PAC      FEC ID number C00149641
17. Missouri Democratic State Committee      FEC ID number C00135558
18. Montana Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00010033
19. Nevada State Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00208991
20. New Hampshire Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00178038
21. North Carolina Democratic Party - Federal      FEC ID number C00165688
22. Ohio Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00016899
23. Oklahoma Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00190934
24. Democratic Party of Oregon      FEC ID number C00188367
25. Pennsylvania Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00167130
26. Rhode Island Democratic State Committee      FEC ID number C00136200
27. Democratic Party of South Carolina      FEC ID number C00007658
28. Tennessee Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00167346
29. Texas Democratic Party      FEC ID number C00099267
30. Utah State Democratic Committee      FEC ID number C00105973
31. Democratic Party of Virginia      FEC ID number C00155952
32. WV State Democratic Executive Committee      FEC ID number C00162578
33. Democratic Party of Wisconsin      FEC ID number C00019331
34. WY Democratic State Central Committee      FEC ID number C00001917

Affiliated Committees/Organizations

, ____

Custodian of Records:

Elizabeth Jones
PO Box 5256
New York, NY 101855256
Title: Treasurer


Elizabeth Jones
PO Box 5256
New York, New York 101855256
Title: Treasurer

Designated Agent(s):

Banks or Depositories

Amalgamated Bank
275 Seventh Avenue
New York, New York 10003

Signed: Elizabeth Jones
Date Signed: 11/02/2015

(End FEC FORM 1)

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